We are late in delivery AGAIN? Why?

We are late in delivery AGAIN? Why?

Quality in Manufacturing

No matter how hard do we work on planning of our manufacturing process and what top notch scheduling software solutions we are using, we still find ourselves surprised again and again about last minute late in delivery of orders to our customers.  

Why is that?

For the last few years, the manufacturing world made a big step towards capacity planning and scheduling of production. There are great software tools out there that help us plan orders and material management for our manufacturing process.  

However, capacity planning and scheduling are only 50% of the “game”.

The other 50% belongs to engineering and real time quality control over the manufacturing process.

Here I find lack of sufficient tools that should help us monitor the actual on floor manufacturing process from quality and engineering point of view.

The required Manufacturing Intelligence tool should have the technology  that automatically collects and analyzes in Real Time the entire data accumulated in our manufacturing line and turns it into an actionable information so that we can have a complete control of the process.


Quality in Manufacturing starts here

QualityLine lets you regain control over the quality in manufacturing of your outsourced manufacturing line if it is located in your own facilities or even if it is located on the other side of the world.

The system helps significantly improve quality, increase yield and minimize downtime incidents.

How does it work?

Testing data is automatically and continuously collected from your testing stations located on your manufacturing line, analyze and securely upload it to analytics dashboards exclusively set for you.

You get 24/7 accurate information about each unit tested. You can overview and drill down up to a single unit, conduct quick root cause analysis and improve production quality.

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Quality in ManufacturingQuality in Manufacturing