All the way to the International Quality Innovation award – Industry 4.0 Vision

All the way to the International Quality Innovation award – Industry 4.0 Vision

Quality in Manufacturing

QualityLine was given the Quality Innovation Prize at Prague (Feb. 2017,)

This Prize was given as part of an international competition for innovation in quality in manufacturing. This award belongs to each of QualityLine members and I’m very proud to be one of them. Being innovative in Quality is a challenging task since it’s a topic which is been researched for decades.

Hundreds of articles have been written about quality in manufacturing and many models have been developed to address the simple question of how can we make sure that the products been manufactured in our factory will be sent to our customers as quality products.

This Prize was given for the innovative technology of QualityLine which enables integration with any type of machine and testing equipment located on manufacturing lines to allow real time data collection and analytics.

Our customers tell us significant improvement in quality and Yield by 30% in less than a year. Read this case study.

Our technology has a social aspect because unlike other solutions, it is accessible to any size of a factory worldwide seeking for advanced analytics solution.

We thank the prize committee for choosing us!

Quality in Manufacturing starts here

QualityLine lets you regain control over the quality in manufacturing of your outsourced manufacturing line if it is located in your own facilities or even if it is located on the other side of the world.

The system helps significantly improve quality, increase yield and minimize downtime incidents.

How does it work?

Testing data is automatically and continuously collected from your testing stations located on your manufacturing line, analyze and securely upload it to analytics dashboards exclusively set for you.

You get 24/7 accurate information about each unit tested. You can overview and drill down up to a single unit, conduct quick root cause analysis and improve production quality.

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Quality in Manufacturing