QualityLine proprietary technology provides Quality in Manufacturing using fast and secure automatic data collection from testing stations (both automatic and manual) located on your production line.

QualityLine technology decodes the data collected from the testing stations located on your manufacturing line into a unified format, encrypts it using SSL encryption and securely stores it in a dedicated cloud server.

The data is presented in an interactive dashboard set exclusively for your manufacturing line and let you control the Quality in Manufacturing of your lines.

These interactive dashboards enable you to tightly monitor the quality of your production line:

Remote, fast and secure automatic data collection from testing stations located on production lines, as well as from technical personnel.

Advanced analytics of existing production line data to perform root cause analysis of problems and translate it to actionable information.

Interactive analytics dashboards to allow quick and detailed mining of testing data for resolving quality issues found during production.

Scheduling of automated reports and SMS/email alerts for abnormal quality problems found during production.

Predictive analytics in order to predict ‘at risk’ production processes.