“Show me the money” – the right way to measure efficiency & Quality in manufacturing

“Show me the money” – the right way to measure efficiency & Quality in manufacturing.


Do we really know how much it cost us to manufacture our products?
This information is essential since it allows us to accurately set the selling price of our products.

Most companies calculate the manufacturing cost based on cost labor and Bill of material cost.
Is this accurate enough?
What about the cost of lack of quality and efficiency in production?
What about the cost of products return from customers (RMA cost)?

In order to accurately calculate the real manufacturing cost of our products we need to measure:

  • Failures in production
  • Retsts
  • Repairs
  • Products return from customers
  • Scrap of products and components
  • Late deliveries of products to customers

When the detailed cost of lack of quality and efficiency per each product is available and accurate, we can also use it to determine priorities in making improvements of product design and the manufacturing process.

So now that we better understand the importance of measuring lack of quality and efficiency in manufacturing, the next question that I always been asked is how do we continuously collate the data from the shop in order to analyze the cost?
The key here is automatic data collection from every machine, est equipment and repairing work.
Many companies try to manually collect the data but this requires expensive resources.

The most accurate and effective way of measuring lack of quality and efficiency in manufacturing is to install  real time analytics system that can automatically collect the relevant data and analyze it.

Quality in Manufacturing starts here

QualityLine lets you regain control over the quality in manufacturing of your outsourced manufacturing line if it is located in your own facilities or even if it is located on the other side of the world.

The system helps significantly improve quality, increase yield and minimize downtime incidents.

How does it work?

Testing data is automatically and continuously collected from your testing stations located on your manufacturing line, analyze and securely upload it to analytics dashboards exclusively set for you.

You get 24/7 accurate information about each unit tested. You can overview and drill down up to a single unit, conduct quick root cause analysis and improve production quality.

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