What is this new buzzword “Industry 4.0” Am I ready for this?

What is this new buzzword “Industry 4.0 in manufacturing”? Am I ready for this?

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A new buzzword was burn lately – “Industry 4.0 in manufacturing

What exactly is Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. means and more important is my factory ready for this?

Industry 4.0 in manufacturing claims to be the 4th generation of the industrial revolution.

The main target for this new philosophy is to utilize advanced technologies like manufacturing intelligence and machine learning in order to establish very efficient with zero defects manufacturing lines.

So the vision is to create a “smart factory“ or “Digital factory”.

The methodologies are

  • Big data
  • Self-optimization
  • Self-configuration
  • self-diagnosis
  • Cognitive and machine learning to support workers in their increasingly complex work.

The target is to achieve a significant increase in efficiency and yield while reducing waste and inefficiency.

Companies that meet industry 4.0 in manufacturing will gain a better position in the market.

Therefore, the question that each of us should ask himself is whether his factory is making the right steps towards the adaptation of industry 4.0 in manufacturing.

There are several innovative technology provides that already offer solutions for Industry 4.0 in manufacturing. One of them is QualityLine.


Quality in Manufacturing starts here

QualityLine lets you regain control over the quality in manufacturing of your outsourced manufacturing line if it is located in your own facilities or even if it is located on the other side of the world.

The system helps significantly improve quality, increase yield and minimize downtime incidents.

How does it work?

Testing data is automatically and continuously collected from your testing stations located on your manufacturing line, analyze and securely upload it to analytics dashboards exclusively set for you.

You get 24/7 accurate information about each unit tested. You can overview and drill down up to a single unit, conduct quick root cause analysis and improve production quality.

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