Laird, Connected Vehicle Solutions – Case study

Laird, Connected Vehicle Solutions – Case study

Laird is a global electronics solution provider, an authorized vendor to some of the biggest OEM and tier 1 in the German automotive industry.

The company has about 10,000 employees and 20 manufacturing and engineering locations worldwide.


Mr. Marcel Bondar, senior Quality Director of “Connected Vehicle Solutions” division, is the one who brought QualityLine solution to Laird:

“As a global company with many locations and a complex process, we found it very difficult and challenging to be able to control efficiency and quality in our manufacturing.

There are so many processes and direct test equipment, so many machines and sensors. How can we efficiently control of all of these?

We have made the first step towards industry 4.0 implementation as we started to collect the entire data accumulated during our manufacturing process.

But we have realized that it is not enough to just collect the data. In order to be able to use this data to improve our manufacturing we had to convert it into a “smart information”.


It has been a year already since we started working with QualityLine manufacturing analytics technology.

We have implemented their solution in our first factory near Berlin and we are going to implement it in our biggest factory in China.

This is our impression from QualityLine technology:

  • The analytics solution offered by QualityLine enables us to monitor our manufacturing process, improve our yield, overall quality and cut our costs.
  • Almost no efforts in implementing QualityLine solution:  Over 95% of the integration process with our manufacturing data was done by QualityLine team.
  • No change was required in manufacturing process in order to complete the integration.
  • Intuitive solution: QualityLine analytics is very easy and intuitive to us. Our teams were able to use it very quickly with minimal hours of training.
  • Flexibility: We found the technology of QualityLine to be very flexible to address any changes and additional features we asked for.
  • High level of service: The team of QualityLine is very supportive and always happy to help answer quickly any question we had. “


Marcel Bondar
Senior Director of Quality

Laird, Connected Vehicle Solutions

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