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QualityLine Real Time manufacturing analytics collects and analyzes machine and test data
from every corner of your factory to improve efficiency, quality and yield

Frank Bleisteiner, Siemens AG, Digital Factory Division:

“We believe that Quality Line solutions enables many manufacturers to collect, consolidate, analyze, and display process data at the component level in dashboards.
For many electronics manufacturers, this could easily lead to a drastic increase in transparency on the basis of which systematic analyzes can be carried out.”

“The Manufacturing Analytics offered by QualityLine enables us to monitor our manufacturing process, improve our yield, overall quality and cut our costs”

Marcel Bondar, senior Quality Director of “Connected Vehicle Solutions” division, Molex

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“Few months after start working with QualityLine Real Time Manufacturing Analytics, we experienced a significant improvement in quality, reduced downtime incidents and shortened the delivery time to customers”

Moshe Levinson, Engineering Manager, Siklu Communication, Ltd.

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What do we do?

Real Time data collection and analysis from every corner of your manufacturing line

Manufacturing analytics is a new Industry 4.0 category of software that brings predictive analytics, big data and industrial internet of things to manufacturing companies. Manufacturing analytics is different from BI (business intelligence) tools, MES or SCADA systems as it is specifically focused on collecting and analyzing manufacturing data than only process control.

The innovative technology of QualityLine Manufacturing analytics enables automatic integration, collection and analysis from an unlimited number and types of manufacturing data sources. The analyzed data is been used for smart analytics to improve quality and yield.

  • Solder Paste Inspection
  • Pick & Place
  • AOI
  • In process repairs
  • RMA repairs
Manual Tests
  • Visual inspection
  • Any type of manual test procedure
Automated Test
  • Functional Automated Test
  • ICT
  • JTAG
  • Any other type of ATE
— Manufacturing line —

Main Features


SPC software to monitor quality issues found during production


Set automatic alerts for quality issues found during production

Failed units analysis

QMS software: Analyze failed units and processes in production to quickly find the root cause

Training and Qualification of Employees

Manage and keep record of the training and qualification of employees


QualityLine system predicts processes which are potentially At-Risk

Testing monitoring

Monitor the stability and efficiency of testing stations located on your manufacturing line.

Customers Testimonials

Quality in Manufacturing

Siklu Communication, Ltd.

“With QualityLine manufacturing Analytics, we managed to increase First Yield from 65% to 90% within four (4) months. QualityLine opened our eyes. We strongly recommend any electronics manufacturer to use QualityLine”. “We love working with the QualityLine team; they are fast, responsive, open minded and a pleasure to work alongside”. Kosta Traht, Quality Manager Siklu Communication, Ltd.


Ilya Vatsel, Vice President of Operations, Mobileye Products: Online real time Quality in Manufacturing supervision is absolutely necessary. The running of any manufacturing line without on-line supervision is impossible due to necessity of test data analysis for quality assurance purposes as well as manufacturing capacity evaluation. This is especially important in cases of remote manufacturing sites e.g. Far East.


Benny Linder, QA manager, Cardo Systems: The QualityLine system is the “eye” on our production lines in China. We started working with QualityLine back in 2007. We use the system to monitor Quality in Manufacturing. We run over 50 testing stations and 10 different production lines using QualityLine tools. It increases our yield and lowers the failure rates. All we needed to set up the system was an internet connection. I can login to the QualityLine system from our branches in Europe and USA and get real time information and control of what is going on in our production lines in China.


Ohad Shental, Quality manager of VISIONMAP, Ltd.: QualityLine system changed the entire concept of monitoring the Quality in Manufacturing process. Instead of reacting to quality issues and crisis when they happen, we suddenly started gaining a real control over our manufacturing line. We are alerted when something goes wrong, we easily prioritize preventive actions per the severity of the issues and we reduced production downtime incidents to almost zero. We have significantly increased the quality of our products saving a lot of money manufacturing costs.
Quality in Manufacturing
Quality in Manufacturing
Quality in Manufacturing
Quality in Manufacturing